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Elevate the safety standards of your construction projects with Super Rings. The inclusion of stirrups provides vital reinforcement, ensuring the stability and integrity of your main rebars, particularly during catastrophic events like earthquakes. Crafted from top-notch materials, these robust ring-like bars offer exceptional strength, effectively safeguarding your columns and beams from potential collapse under extreme conditions.



  1. Cost-effective Production: Super Rings offer the advantage of lower production costs compared to traditional reinforcement methods. This helps in optimizing project budgets and reducing overall construction expenses.

  2. Zero Wastage: By utilizing Super Rings, you eliminate wastage typically associated with cutting and shaping traditional reinforcement bars on-site. This results in efficient use of materials and reduced project costs.

  3. Storage Elimination: The use of Super Rings eliminates the need for storing and managing large quantities of reinforcement bars. This saves space on-site and streamlines logistics and inventory management.

  4. Simplicity, Safety, and Operational Efficiency: Super Rings simplify the reinforcement process by providing ready-to-use components. This reduces labor-intensive tasks such as cutting and bending, improving operational efficiency and ensuring safer working conditions.

  5. Greater Response Capacity and Delivery Flexibility: Super Rings enable faster response times and increased delivery flexibility. Their readily available nature allows for quick and efficient installation, accommodating project timelines and minimizing construction delays.

Technical Advantages:

  1. Compact Size: Super Rings are designed to be compact, offering a space-efficient reinforcement solution. Their smaller size makes them suitable for various construction applications without compromising on strength or performance.

  2. High Strength and Elongation: Super Rings possess high strength and elongation properties, ensuring superior structural integrity and the ability to withstand external forces and stress.

  3. Consistent Diameter: The manufacturing process of Super Rings ensures a consistent diameter, resulting in uniformity and precision in their application. This contributes to the overall quality and reliability of the reinforced structure.

  4. Cold Rolled Billet Production: Super Rings are produced using cold-rolled billets, a process known for enhancing material strength and durability. This manufacturing technique ensures the superior performance of Super Rings in demanding construction environments.

  5. CRL Lab and Government Engineering College Approved: Super Rings have been tested and approved by reputable institutions such as CRL Lab and Government Engineering College, attesting to their compliance with industry standards and specifications.

ParametersLocal6mm TMT5.5mmTorkari
Weight per ring0.230 gm0.190 gm
Difference per ring(gm)40 gm
Savings per metric ton(rings)0916
Landing cost per ton40,00040,000
Savings per metric ton6961
Total saving6961
Saving in %17.4%

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