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Kapila Steel.. Heart of Every Construction!

A beautiful home is your dream. In pursuit of this dream, compromising with the choice of TMT Bars means you are putting the safety of your family at risk. Using ordinary steel can be fatal to live. We recommend ISI branded Kapila Steel TMT bars. These bars are of an advanced quality compared to the other bars available in the market.
Because we value life!


In-depth studies have been conducted by our experts for requirements of steel based on the type of construction. In view of the on-going constructions, exclusive production by using modern technology has been the key for Kapila Steel Bars. Authenticity of products is our guarantee.


Why is Kapila TMT Bars a reliable brand?

  1. Standard ductility & up to 15% stretchable
  2. High Thermal stability. Withstands temperatures of 600 degrees.
  3. Secured Infrastructure - covered yard, water purifying systems and RCC flooring leaving no room for dust and humidity.
  4. Kapila steel is a specimen for durability, earthquake-resistant and fire-resistant product.
  5. Good for all small and big construction works.
  6. Unique quality in all bars.
  7. Its unique design fits well with cement and concrete.
  8. Loading via overhead cranes saves distribution time.
  9. Security measures like tying the bars with strapped machines are undertaken.
  10. Raw material used is of advanced quality.
  11. Kapila steel is produced through Thermex technology.
  12. Its straight, bendable and easy for welding.

Kapila TMT bars are available from 8 mm to 40 diameters and can be used as per your requirement.


Harmful chemical impurities are extruded in the production process of Kapila Steel TMT Bars. Each bar passes through an intensive quality checks before dispatch. User of Kapila TMT Bars is always satisfied Growing distributor chains and smooth transportation system ensures delivery of steel bars on time.

  1. Ability to mix with concrete boosts the life of construction of Kapila TMT Bars.
  2. Suitable for Foundations, Columns, Beams or Slabs, structures built with Kapila Steel will stand tall for years.

Inflated demand by the distributors prove that the customers have a good experience with Kapila TMT Bars. This results in Kapila TMT Bars being the first choice of customers.

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